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New advanced blog options and page settings allow you to create various designs. Here you may see some variations. First of all, you have to select Blog page template for a page to apply blog styles to it. Now you may style all blog pages the same way in Blog page options section. There’s also Blog page metabox on every page editor that allows to style each page differently. So you can select style, columns and sidebars configuration, positioning, pagination, appear effects and other elements to achieve unique effects.

[videoplayer main_style= »style-2″ main_layout= »layout-4″ title= »Watch page video » subtitle= »Use 1080p for better quality. » video_link= »″ title_font_options= »tag:div|font_size:15″ subtitle_font_options= »tag:div » fill_color_start= »#e52c27″ fill_color_end= »#c2171d » bg_radius= »8″ icon_color= »#ffffff »]  Sidebars and columns  1 column2 columns3 columns4 columns5 columns6 columnsNo sidebarsRight sidebarLeft sidebarBoth sidebars  Layout variations  ClassicRight imageLeft imageMasonrySmart grid  Single post navigation  Top navigationFixed navigation  Pagination decoration  1 Pagination style2 Pagination style3 Pagination style4 Pagination style5 Pagination style  Single variations StandardVC elements  Pagination types  PaginationLoad more

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